PhD students

Former Doctoral Students

  • Dr. Lukas Obholzer (LSE) on “Essays on bilateral coalition formation,” joint supervision with Kevin Featherstone. Currently Visiting Juniorprofessor, FU Berlin.
  • Dr. Alexander Schellinger (Bremen) on “EU Labor Market Policies: Ideas and Thought Communities in the Policy Process,” joint supervision with Herbert Obinger. Currently Policy Fellow, Progressives Zentrum.
  • Dr. Marina Cino-Pagliarello (LSE) on “The role of ideas in the transformation of the European education policy,” joint with Vassilis Monastiriotis. Currently ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow, London School of Economics.
  • Dr. Jan Jakub Nagel (Hertie School) on “The impact of Eurozone membership on negotiations in the Council of the EU,” joint supervision with Henrik Enderlein. Currently Auswärtiges Amt.


Current Doctoral Students

  • Benedetta Morari (LSE) on multiplicity in the EU’s foreign policy, joint supervision with Robert Basedow.