I frequently comment on EU politics and questions of global governance. I’ve done live and recorded television and radio interviews, in both English and German.


Selected op-eds and blog posts

Auf dem Weg zum Pseudo-Brexit,” Conversation with WDR5 Politikum, December 2019.

May’s decision to trigger Article 50 by March 2017 is unwise,“ LSE Brexit Blog, 2016

Utopian fantasies: the myths peddled by referendum campaigners,” LSE Brexit Blog, 2016

Britain’s role in world affairs will be dwarfed post Brexit,” LSE Brexit Blog, 2016

How to be a good European Commissioner and still serve the British interest,” LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, 2014

Juncker should be given the chance to head the European Commission,” LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, 2014.

A La Carte Membership Would Work Best,” New York Times, online op-ed, 2013

The EU Will Last”, New York Times online op-ed, 2011 (with Andrew Moravcsik)